Using a FAA Certified Remote (Drone) Pilot, I can provide the following aerial videography & photography services:

Real Estate: Residential, Rental, Commercial & Industrial

Construction: Periodic Project Inspection

Disaster: Insurance, Search, Inspection, Claims ….

Agriculture: Farm, Fence, Live Stock Inspection

Tower/Tank Inspections

Banking:  Appraisals ….

Environmental: Monitoring: Erosion and Spills ….

Tourism: Community, Hotel, and Recreation ….

Aerial Security: Monitoring & Surveillance

Photography / Videography for News, Social Media, Marketing, and Commercials.

As a FAA Certified Remote (Drone) Pilot, I meet professional standards above and beyond FAA requirements.  Minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage.

Strategically located in Western Kentucky, and can easily serve southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, and Western Tennessee.