Selecting A Drone Pilot

Don’t get caught up in lengthy FAA investigations by using a drone hobbyist to take your aerial shots instead of an FAA Certified Remote Pilot .  Even worse, don’t get yourself in trouble with the FAA by piloting a flight “not being operated for hobby or recreational purposes” without the required FAA certifications or exceptions.  Fines for commercial use of a drone can be hefty.  Compensation, or the lack of compensation, for the flight doesn’t determine commercial use requiring the proper FAA certifications.  Using the photos/videos from the shoot in a commercial manner is what will get you in trouble, such as in a real estate listing, crop inspection, etc.

Homeowners – Before you allow a Realtor to take/use aerial photos for listing your home, or if you currently have a listing with Realtor that used aerial photography to list your property, ask for the following documentation: Ask to see the Drone Pilot’s certification, which they should have readily available.  Ask to see their “Pilot’s Logbook”, which should have a record of past missions.  Ask to see Pre-Flight Inspection records, which they should have from previous missions.  Ask to see the Drone’s registration number, which should be on the outside of the drone.  If any of this information cannot be provided, consider getting a different Realtor.  Consider the same for any contractor flying a drone over your home for any reason.

Who You Want:

  • Drone
    • 30+ min rated flying time
    • 12+ megapixel camera
    • 4K video 30 fps or greater

Who You Don’t Want: